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Client Testimonials

"I would like to take a moment to compliment Erick and his staff.  For many decades Olson Associates' outstanding advice and attention has helped me build a comfortable retirement. I have always felt safe and secure with your help building these assets.  Keep up the great work!"

                                                                                             - Bob McGuire, retired, Small Business Owner


"Our family has been with Olson Associates for over 30 years. Throughout the years, our financial structural needs have changed dramatically. With these unpredictable circumstances, Larry, and now Erick, have been with us each step of the way. Erick and the staff are committed to providing you with the foundational tools and goals to establish a healthy financial future for you and your family. They corporately make you feel you are the only client. We are thankful that God has led us to an ethical and faith based financial planning company."

                                                                                           - David & Wendy Axt, Small Business Entrepreneur/Commercial Painting Contractor


"My husband and I begin working with Olson Associates in 1997.  All these years, we have had complete trust that our funds were in good, reliable, and trustworthy hands. One experience was outstandingly helpful for us though; it was not actually their responsibility to help us.

The IRS sent us a notice that we owed taxes on money we had in a bank account, for which we would be penalized if it wasn’t paid within two weeks and on the following day we were to leave for an international trip. We believed we had paid the taxes on that money, but without knowledge of how to prove it.  In our desperation we called Olson Associates and they immediately offered to get on a three-way conference call with us and the IRS, and, through their records, verified with documentation that the taxes had been paid.  WHAT A RELIEF! 

Now, in 2023 my husband is beginning with senile dementia, so the finances are my responsibility, which is all foreign to me.  I am, thus, so grateful that I have Erick Olson to help walk me through financial decisions best for us in these, our later years of life."

                                                                                           - Sandra Shattuck, Retired Missionary to the Dominican Republic


"I waited ten years longer than I should have to address my future financial well being. Then, one Saturday morning at age 58, I found myself listening to a radio program dealing with that very thing. Larry Olson of Olson Associates was explaining the financial facts of life and offered listeners a free consultation concerning the subject. I made an appointment and as a result I have benefitted by his and his son, Erick Olson’s, guidance for the past twenty-five years. Not only have I, my wife, mother, and other members of my family greatly benefitted, but that financial decision has proven to be superior to every other financial decision in my life, including work and home investments. Lastly, not only have my financial expectations been met and exceeded, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my personal relationships with the Olson family and the Olson Associates Staff."

                                                                                           - Terry and Helga Dodd, retired, Siemens Executive Assistant to President


"My relationship with Olson Associates began in the late 1980s when the late Larry Olson was on WSB radio providing advice about financial planning.  At the time, my experience with saving and investing was lacking, so I later attended a workshop facilitated by Mr. Olson. In spite of my very modest income at the time, Olson Associates worked with me and showed how planning, and consistency in making deposits to selected financial vehicles would pay off in the years to come. We met regularly, made adjustments as needed, but I never stopped the automatic drafts.  And several years before retirement, Olson Associates worked with me to develop a solid income plan based on my projected requirements, while continuing to make adjustments based on my age and income goals.

I am now retired and do not have to go to work on Monday because I am enjoying the results of the solid, careful and trustworthy financial advice provided by Olson Associates. Life for me is real good!"

                                                                                           - R. Smith, retired


"Olson Associates has been my financial advising firm for over twenty years. When I was in Georgia, a friend suggested that I go to Olson Associates for financial advice on how to invest for my retirement - a great suggestion! After I moved to California, I still retained their service. Now, some years twenty later and retired, I’m glad that my investments have grown because of Erick’s wise handling of my investment portfolio. Thank you to Erick and his staff for your help through the years."

                                                                                           - Cecilia Po, retired, Research Scientist


"I have been a client with Olson Associates for seven years and am very pleased with the results and advice they have provided. I just retired as a Regional Manager from General Motors after 37 years. When I was looking for an advisor, a friend of mine recommended I give Erick a call and see their approach to managing money. My investments with them have continued to grow in both the good and bad times and Erick and his team are easy to communicate with regarding any questions or concerns that I have had. In my last meeting, I learned some information regarding Social Security that I had not known. If you are looking for a qualified and honest advisor, I strongly recommend Olson Associates!"

                                                                                           - Mark Rankin, retired, GM Corporate Dealer Organization Manager


"I'm so grateful I've been with Olson Associates for almost 25 years and received their guidance with my finances. I have had complete faith in their advice, and it has allowed my investments to steadily grow. If I didn't have Olson, I would surely be up a creek!

With much appreciation, thank you Erick, Elizabeth and Cassidy."

                                                                                           - Sanna Kolb, retired, Homemaker


"We have been clients of Olson Associates for more than forty years. They have provided excellent financial guidance for us in managing our investments and planning for retirement. Neither of us had experience in the field, so we depended on their expertise, as well as their personal concern for us. The entire staff demonstrated patience and promptness with our questions, and never failed to exhibit courtesy and professionalism."

                                                                                           - Dr. Francis & Lucy Selman, retired, Urologist/Medical Practice Owner; Teacher


"After the very first meeting we had with Mr. Larry Olson over 25 years ago, we were immediately impressed with his knowledge, honesty and genuine sincere interest in my family and our financial plans. This relationship continued as Erick and his late father served in more than just a financial counseling capacity, but as personal friends that we trust."

                                                                                           - Clyde & Mary Laughlin, Lucent Technologies Executive Director of Global                                                                                                                    Customer Care

"I have been with Olson Associates for more than 8 years now, and from the beginning I have never felt like I was a “client”. I have always felt that I was part of the Olson family. There have been multiple occasions where I needed them, sometimes on very short notice, and they were there for me.  Many times, way beyond the call of duty, so to speak. I have, and will continue to, recommend them to all my friends!"

                                                                                           - Rock Wight, retired, HP Global Manager for Enterprise

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