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How We Started

How We Started

Larry Olson founded the firm in 1980 after a 22 year career at Sears headquarters in Chicago. Larry was looking to expand his career. He figured he could use his corporate experience building comprehensive business plans as a foundation to helping people create their personal financial plans. He started an independent firm after gaining experience at several larger institutions because he saw a need for unbiased financial advice in the comprehensive financial plans for his clients. 

Erick joined the firm in 1998 to learn how to help people retire from the toughest mentor out there, his dad. Erick now leads the firm with "The Financial Maxi-Miser Process" sm , developed by Larry, as the foundation for creating and implementing plans. He also continues the core value legacy that began with his father's approach to planning and defines the way the Olson Associates team operates and prioritizes each day: Integrity, Objectivity, Diligence, Competence, Fairness, Sincerity, and Compassion. 

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