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How We Work

We understand that each of our clients has a unique situation and set of goals. And we understand that there is a unique solution for each client. As an independent firm, Olson Associates has the advantage of focusing on client goals rather than financial products. Through our first meeting, the Insight Session, we will get to know each other. This gives our clients the chance to get a feel for our overall strategy and process, and gives us the chance to understand what clients aim to achieve in their financial plan. Once goals are clearly defined, we build a tailored plan to help clients reach those financial goals.

Clients in all stages of life benefit from our simple approach to financial success. Financial needs change over the years. Financial goals and the financial plan may change along with it. We strive to build lifelong client relationships where we meet periodically to re-evaluate the financial plan, ensure we are on track, and make changes that correspond with the wonderful, unexpected, and unfortunate life developments. Our objective is to help clients through the important financial milestones and see them accomplish their dreams.

Many people don't prioritize their financial planning because life gets busy. By hiring Olson Associates, clients are assured through ongoing exceptional service that their financial plan is a priority. Waiting to create a plan can leave people unfocused and lead to a longer road to success. As with careers, health and family, setting clear objectives makes them achievable. Olson Associates will partner with you on your unique financial journey offering their comprehensive financial services to help you make prudent decisions along the way.

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The Elements of a Comprehensive Financial Plan

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