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Our Mission

How We Work

We start by learning about the client. The first step to tailoring a financial plan to a client is understanding what the client needs to find fulfillment in retirement. Often this part of the process helps the client understand what it is they seek and helps them recognize their priorities.

When the goals and dreams are identified, the planning opportunity begins. We educate you about tax strategies, estate planning, investment allocation, health insurance, Social Security benefits, identity theft prevention, and more. Then, as a collaborator, the client has the opportunity to change and tweak the plan once they see all the possibilities.

We simplify your financial life by bringing all those elements together into a thoughtful plan in simple, human terms and helping you thoroughly implement each step in the plan.



When You Earn the Reputation for Being Dependable, Reliable and A Right Choice And You Don't Disappoint  People Along the Way, They Gravitate To You!


This Is Why Clients Continue Referring Their Family, Friends and Colleagues.


Code of Ethics

As financial planning professionals we will act as fiduciary, obligated to serve in every client's best interest.

This code of Ethics is an expression of the financial planning profession’s recognition of its responsibility to the public, to clients, to colleagues, and to employees. These principles apply to the entire Olson Associates team, and provides guidance to them in the performance of their professional services.

Integrity is at the foundation of any relationship. Olson Associates members shall offer and provide professional services with integrity. The observable fruits of integrity are:  
 Olson Associates members shall be objective in providing professional services to clients.

Competence: Olson Associates members shall provide services to clients competently and maintain the necessary knowledge and skill to continue to do so in those areas in which we are engaged.

Fairness: Olson Associates members shall perform professional services in a manner that is fair and reasonable to clients, principals, partners, and employees and shall disclose conflict(s) of interest(s) in providing such services.

Confidentiality: Olson Associates members shall not disclose any confidential client information without the specific consent, the only exception would be in response to proper legal process when required by a function of the courts and the law.

Professionalism: Olson Associates members conduct themselves in all matters that shall reflect credit upon the profession. Professionalism means leading and not pushing.

Diligence: Diligence is the provision of services in a reasonably prompt and thorough manner.



One of our primary goals is to develop a long-term, trusting relationship with you.

Our Process

Our Process

We create strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals.

Our History

Our History

Years of experience have prepared us to guide you through your life transitions.

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